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"An Incredibly Easy Way to Potentially Increase Your Sales - Without Spending a Single Penny on Advertising..."

Discover how just one change to your business can increase your sales - almost overnight...

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"Accept by Phone is one of those ideas that works just like it sounds. You can process payments from a client quickly by dialing a toll-free number, entering your client's credit card number through an automated system, and then authorizing and processing the payment, all in a few seconds...

Dennis Kennedy


"Accept by phone was an excellent way for our new business to begin accepting credit cards, without the need for complicated contracts and expensive equipment..."

Eric M. Jukes
Capital Region Limousine


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Without a doubt, the number one easiest (and fastest) way to increase your sales is to make it easier for your customers to buy from you.

Furthermore, if you're currently turning away customers because they can't pay you with their credit card - then don't waste another penny on advertising until you can maximize your marketing efforts by actually being able to cater to your customer's preferences.

It makes absolutely no sense to increase your customer base by 10% through advertising if you're losing 40% of your potential sales due to the inability to process credit payments. Why make things harder for yourself?

First you need to maximize your frontend operations by getting set up with a merchant account - and then you can focus on finding additional customers because you won't be turning any of them away when they show up!

Plastic money is here to stay. This is the most convenient and more preferred way of making payments the world over.

The following points explain exactly WHY your business profits are directly related to accepting credit cards:.

1. Convenience - The first and foremost reason why sales increase when you accept credit cards, is that it is extremely convenient for the buyer to pay for your product and/or services. Because it is so convenient, a person will not stop to think whether they really need or not the product/service that has caught their eyes.

They will go for it. Because it is easy to pay for it.

2. Capacity to pay more - those who use credit cards use credit. That means they can "afford" to buy certain things that others who do not have access to credit, can. They are more likely to give in and buy something that they like, than those who have to pay for it with cash.

The capacity to extend this little extra will make it easier for you to sell your product or service.

3. The Number One Online Payment Method - payment by credit cards is the most preferred way of payment over the Net. This is due to the simple reason that it is both instant AND safe for the consumer - because their money is federally insured and their purchases are protected to some degree by the card provider.

4. "Retail Therapy" - for many, shopping acts as a stress relieving mechanism. Hence, when you give your customer the opportunity to buy your product with a credit card, you give them a means of "recreation" - and you get your thanks in the profits you make.

5. International Customers - If you're selling your products or services (such as graphic design, consulting, etc.) on the web, then you're going to be reaching an international audience.

So why not make it as easy as possible to process international payments? Credit payments are globally accepted, and the vast majortiy of consumers at home and abroad will have a credit card.

6. More Confident Consumers through "Risk Reversal" - Consumers are protected when they purchase anything with their credit card. This means that if they do not receive the product - or are otherwise mistreated or "duped" by the payee, they can file for a "chargeback" with their credit card company.

This removes much of the risk on their part, which makes it that much easier for them to "pull the trigger"...

7. Rewards of credit cards work for you - whenever rewards are announced on credit card purchases, customer will tend to overspend to qualify for the particular offer. During those times, they will not be too "choosy" about the cost, time of purchase or the real need for it - they will buy because they are additionally motivated by the rewards of the credit card providers. Your business may profit as a result..

8. Fast transactions - the credit card payment is done within seconds, which makes shopping a pleasure. Paying by check is often a killjoy because it is so slow. You will need to have the check cleared before you dispatch the goods/ services and when that period stretches for days into weeks, it somehow kills the "happiness" of having bought the item.

9. Real time transactions - if you're online, you can have your "shop" open round the clock. Over the Internet people can access your business any time (day or night) depending upon their time zones. They can buy as and when they please since the credit cards will be cleared in real time automatically by your merchant provider's 24/7/365 payment gateway.

Hence, your business begins to "run itself" that much more...

In short, make it as easy as possible for others to do business with you - and you'll reap the rewards.

Big time.

And though this principle isn't just limited to accepting credit cards, chances are, getting a merchant account is likely the easiest way for you to boost your business in a very short amount of time.

So the next time you're looking to place an ad or submit a press release - ask yourself if you're truly going to be maximizing your profits from the response you'll get from doing so...

If your answer is "no", then it's time to start accepting credit cards.

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With Accept by Phone, swiped transactions are only 2.69% (keyed transactions are 3.49% and $0.19 per transaction).

No signup fees, no monthly fees, no PCI fee, no monthly minimum, and no cancellation fee.

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