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"Tips For Getting The MOST Out Of Your Merchant Account - And How to Maximize Your Profits Once You Accept Credit Cards"

Most small businesses will never fully realize the additional profits that could be theirs - just by leveraging their credit card processing abilities...

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"Accept by Phone is one of those ideas that works just like it sounds. You can process payments from a client quickly by dialing a toll-free number, entering your client's credit card number through an automated system, and then authorizing and processing the payment, all in a few seconds...

Dennis Kennedy


"Accept by phone was an excellent way for our new business to begin accepting credit cards, without the need for complicated contracts and expensive equipment..."

Eric M. Jukes
Capital Region Limousine


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Accepting credit cards for your business is not just a luxury anymore; it is now considered a necessity for optimizing your sales and profits. Gone are days of mail-in-checks/money orders that takes ages for processing the payment.

Credit card payments are processed much faster when compared to mail-in-checks (obviously). Credit cards have revolutionized the way a business provides customer service. More people are using credit cards these days and the number will keep on rising. Customer service in today&3146s age means convenience for a customer.

Credit card purchases are a growing trend - and will only continue to be so as business continues to adapt and move towards a more "wireless" and cash-less age of commerce. As a result, accepting credit cards for your business is absolutely vital. Once your business can accept credit cards, it will not only increase your profits but also build a lasting relationship with your customer.

Further, we will discuss how you can increase the loyalty of your customer by accepting credit cards. Your customers will trust you more as your business will reflect a credible and professional image by accepting credit cards. So how it is that accepting credit card payments can increase the sales of your business?

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First of all, it's very important to realize that most people love to carry credit cards instead of a pile of cash in their wallet. So why not cater to customers that are willing to use their credit card for just about anything?

In recent times, credit cards have become a rewards machine. Credit card companies offer numerous rewards, cash back, free air mileage, etc. for using it frequently. People are persuaded to use their credit card for even the smallest purchase in order to get the cash prize or reward.

Because of this "incentivized buying climate", just make a point of advertising that your business accepts credit cards; you will be surprised how effective this actually is when it comes to getting more business. The incentives for using a credit card is the driving force for more purchases overall. You must position your business to take advantage of this rewards "mania"...

If you are in retail business, it is crucial that you ask your customers at the point of sale "Cash or Card?".

Statistically, this little saying has proven that the customer will be at more ease to spend more when he/she is charging it to their credit card. If your business features high dollar products then it is obvious that the customer will want to use a credit card. It is rare that a customer will carry hundreds of dollars in his pocket when he goes out for a quick day of shopping. Carrying a lot of cash will make him feel insecure in public places due to the risk of theft or robbery. Having a credit card empowers the customer to buy things he didn’t plan on. In other words, a customer will be much more apt to "impulsive buying" that will be a key factor for increasing your sales. This impulsive purchasing only be a small gratification for a customer - but it will be an incredible upward trend of sales for your business...

If you've got any unpaid balances (accounts receivable), you should call up all your clients by informing them about how you can also accept credit cards - not just cash or checks. A client that owes you money might use a credit card to pay you off, instead of waiting for the cash to accumulate. This can eventually save you a lot of time and effort on collecting the payments. A credit card is a much more convenient way for customers to pay their bills.

Similarly, if you bill for your time, it will be much easier for your potential clients to secure your services by paying through a credit card. This is convenient and less "painful" for them, and you will secure more work in the future - with less "hassle" when it comes to the money.

Credit cards are the only (real) way for international customers to buy your product. Credit cards offer a smooth process of currency conversion for any purchase done over the Internet. Your customer will not have to worry about the currency conversion rate, so it’s a win-win situation for your business and the customer. This will expand your business to other parts of the world and increase overall sales revenue.

So Let's Review How to Get The Most Out of Your Merchant Account - Starting Today:

1. Advertise that you accept credit cards. This could be the deciding factor when it comes to having your customers choose you - instead of the competition...

2. Rewards, rewards, rewards! People go crazy over "building points" for rewards programs, etc. They'll be automatically more inclined to purchase from you if they can use their preferred credit card, along with the rewards it offers them.

3. "Cash or Credit Card?" At the point of sale, ask your customer if they'd like to pay with their credit card. At this point - once their card is in your hand - you may want to have an upsell lined up to offer in addition to what they're going to be purchasing. Regardless, it's statistically proven that simply asking this question will increase the ease of spending into your business - driving up the frequency AND size of your orders...

4. Collect Receivables (Money Owed). Any unpaid balances and accounts receivable that your business is still in waiting for (customers haven't paid yet) should be collected on as soon as possible. Now that you can accept credit cards, it's going to be a lot easier to collect from your customers - and all you'll likely need to do is inform them that there's an easy way to clear up an invoice just by paying with their card of choice. See this article for an example of how powerful and profitable this actually is...

Here's my challenge to you, in closing...

Implement even just one strategy (above) into your business operations this week, to see whether or not it will actually make a difference. When you take a look at your sales figures that week, there is a good chance that you may see a positive trend developing.

Then, implement all four strategies - and watch your profits potentially climb like a step-ladder just by making these simple changes in the way that you interact with your leads and customers on a daily basis.

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