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A simple test...

"Does it Make Sense For Your Business to Accep Credit Cards?"

Take this simple test to find out if your business will actually benefit from getting a merchant account (credit card processing abilities)

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"Accept by Phone is one of those ideas that works just like it sounds. You can process payments from a client quickly by dialing a toll-free number, entering your client's credit card number through an automated system, and then authorizing and processing the payment, all in a few seconds...

Dennis Kennedy


"Accept by phone was an excellent way for our new business to begin accepting credit cards, without the need for complicated contracts and expensive equipment..."

Eric M. Jukes
Capital Region Limousine


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Despite the boom of credit card purchases (for just about anything), it is not necessarily true that every business must - or should - accept credit cards.

With the rise of globalization, however, you probably do not want to hamper your business by restricting sales to your local territory. Most businesses today are equipped with the facility to accept credit cards from all around the world. Accepting credit cards has proven to be the driving force behind increased sales for practically any small business - especially as the internet is becoming a marketing vehicle for practically every market, increasingly as time goes on.

Not too long ago, accepting credit cards as a smaller sized business was more of a "fringe" benefit - and though it may have helped to increase sales and automate billing operations - it's not nearly as crucial as it's become today.

For almost every type of business.

To make things indisputably obvious for you, we've put together a simple test that will reveal the truth about whether or not you should be investing in credit card processing abilities...

Just answer each question truthfully, and you'll be able to clearly see if you really need a merchant account...

1 - Do customers request to pay by credit card? Even if just a few customers are requesting to pay with their credit cards, you must consider this as a sign of evolution for your business. Just for a moment, consider telling your few customers that you do accept credit cards. You will gain a lot more customers in the future through word of mouth marketing! (Not to mention larger order sizes on average...)

2 - Do you plan on selling your product online? These days everyone owns a website, whether it’s your doctor or your barber. If the answer is yes then you must seriously think about getting a merchant account for accepting credit cards on your website. That's basically the only way to go for internet business (ecommerce).

3 - Do your competitors accept credit card payments? This is more of a pressure decision than anything else is. The key is to determine if you are losing your customer base to your competition because you don’t accept credit cards. If you are not losing your customer base then you don’t need to match your competition every step of the way!

4 - Do you sell products or services directly to your customers? If the answer is "Yes" then you must think about accepting credit cards in order to put your customers at ease. Fifteen years ago, a fax line was considered a must have for a new business. Similarly, having a method of accepting credit cards is a necessity for any new business wanting to make it big now. Convenience for the customer is the key factor for building a strong brand name for your business.

5 - Do you ever deal with unpaid accounts or bad check payments? If you have a big enough customer base, you are bound to run into these problems. A credit card will eliminate your worries for a bad payment. You will be paid as long as the credit card is valid. If a customer doesn’t pay up his credit card bill, it will be the third party credit company that will deal with the collection of the payment. You will never have to worry about any non-payments for a product paid for with a credit card.

If you have answered a firm "Yes" to most of the questions above, then it becomes apparent that you must accept credit cards as part of your business tool. Whether you consider it as a necessity or convenience, accepting credit cards could likely be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make for your growing business. Sure, you will have some reasons to argue against accepting credit cards, but in the long run, and in most cases, it will be well worth your while.

If you've just seen that you need to start accepting credit cards - but you DON'T need a terminal to process payments, then check out our Mobile Credit Card Processing Service >>


With Accept by Phone, swiped transactions are only 2.69% (keyed transactions are 3.49% and $0.19 per transaction).

No signup fees, no monthly fees, no PCI fee, no monthly minimum, and no cancellation fee.

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