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Accept by Phone - Articles and Insights into the Benefits of Having a Merchant Account, and How to Boost Your Business by Accepting Credit Cards...

Article Topics:

Wireless Terminals VS Phone-Based Payment Processing - Discover the real differences between using wireless equipment OR using your phone to process credit card payments - let the showdown begin... [read more]

How to Drastically Reduce Unpaid Bills and Collections - Nothing's worse than having to chase down customers or clients for money that they owe your business. Find out how to easily eliminate this problem - and watch your profits bounce back to where they should've been in the first place... [read more]

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Refunds - Refunds are the result of poor marketing, poor customer targeting, poor product quality, and poor customer management. Here's a simple solution to solve this problem almost entirely... [read more]

What Does The BACK of Your Business Card Say? - Discover how to explode your marketing results by using your business cards differently. You'll be amazed at how effective this is - and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much it DOESN'T cost... [read more]

5 Easy Ways to Reduce ChargeBacks - Chargebacks are a deadly situation that will cause almost every business that accepts credit cards a great deal of hassle - and getting too many can actually put your merchant account at risk of being shut down. Here's how to prevent them altogether... [read more]

Mobile Merchant Accounts are the Ultimate Payment Processing Method for Solo Professionals - A recent technological advance within the merchant industry has given people like lawyers, contractors, trade-show vendors and mobile businesses (like moving companies) an incredible edge on their competition... [read more]

Point of Sale Payment Processing - Primary Advantages and Uses - POS processing has revolutionized the way we do business on a global scale. And with today's mobile processing technologies, it can revolutionize your business as well - even if you don't have a static "office" or storefront... [read more]

Getting the Most Out Of Your Merchant Account - 4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Profits When You Accept Credit Cards - You're going to be pleasantly surprised at how EASY it actually is to boost your profits - just by using your merchant account to do things a little bit differently... [read more]

A Simple Test to See if You Actually Need to Accept Credit Cards - Take this 19-second test to see if a merchant account is really the best thing (or even necessary) for your business... [read more]

How to Evaluate the Efficiency and Affordability of Your Current Merchant Service - Telltale signs (and red flags) that you've been the victim of a less-than-upstanding company that simply wants as much of your money as possible... [read more]

The Different Types of Merchant Accounts Explained in Plain English - Discover everything you need to know about the various options that exist for processing payments for your business... [read more]

Is Credit Card Processing an Expense - Or Is It An Investment? - Discover the shocking truth about two identical businesses that compete head to head. The only difference is that one has the option of wireless credit card processing... [read more]

The Basics of Accepting Credit Cards - Have you just started a business? This article explains the basics of what it meanst to have a merchant account and accept credit cards... [read more]

Why Does Your Business Need a Credit Card Processing Service? - Find out the real reasons why it's crucial to be able to process credit card payments as a small business in today's marketplace... [read more]

Understanding Ecommerce Payment Gateways & Online Merchant Accounts - Understand what it means to accept credit cards online, and how it all works... [read more]

The Primary Difference Between Services Like PayPal(R) and a Merchant Account - Compare the differences and weigh the costs of using a 3rd party processor - or getting your own merchant account. You might be surprised at the differences in cost... [read more]

The Fastest Way to Find the Best Merchant Account Option For Your Business Needs - Discover the simplest, fastest and most painless way to find out if a merchant account will be affordable for your business... [read more]

Small Business Credit Card Processing - Why & How - Did you know that one simple change to your business could make a huge impact on your overall profits? Find out the truth about the realistic effects of accepting credit cards as a small business... [read more]

Is Accepting Credit Cards Actually Worth all the Hassle? - If you're like most business owners, then you've likely asked yourself the folllowing question at some point... [read more]

The Truth About "Free" Merchant Accounts... - Let's not beat around bush here. There's no such thing as a free lunch – and that applies to the merchant industry as well... [read more]

The Top 7 Reasons Why Accepting Credit Card Payments is a Must For Almost Any Business - Since the proof of the puddings lies in the pudding itself, let's compare the two types of business and see whether this is true... [read more]

Ten Ways to Potentially Increase Your Profits by Simply Accepting Credit Cards - The worldwide marketplace today as we know it is based on plastic money. This is the easiest way to keep accounts, the easiest way to buy, the easiest way to make emergency purchases... [read more]

The Number One Easiest Way to Increase Your Sales Without Spending a Dime on Advertising - Discover how just one simple change can boost your sales practically overnight, and you'll be shocked at how powerful this really is... [read more]

What Do Credit Card Processing, Headphones and Google Have to Do With Becoming Incredibly Successful with ANY Small Business? - Discover the most powerful formula on earth for becoming wildly successful as a small business entrepreneur. You might be surprised at how simple this really is, and how easily you can transform your business profits starting today... [read more]


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"Accept by Phone is one of those ideas that works just like it sounds. You can process payments from a client quickly by dialing a toll-free number, entering your client's credit card number through an automated system, and then authorizing and processing the payment, all in a few seconds...

Dennis Kennedy


"Accept by phone was an excellent way for our new business to begin accepting credit cards, without the need for complicated contracts and expensive equipment..."

Eric M. Jukes
Capital Region Limousine


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