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"Mobile Credit Card Processing
 Has Never Been So Affordable..."

You're here because you need mobile credit card processing. Now you can accept credit card payments anywhere you do business for a $5 monthly fee!

Have you been unable to justify the expensive recurring monthly fees
 and high terminal costs for traditional credit card processing accounts?

Now with our new service, you can now use a cell phone (or any phone)
 to accept credit card payments from your customers & save money on terminal fees.

We think you will agree with what others are saying about our service!

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Monthly Fee Only $5.00 - No Hidden Fees

No Terminal Needed - Totally Mobile, Get Paid Anywhere

No Cancellation Fees

Accept Credit Cards With Any Cell Phone Or TouchTone Phone


Here are just some of the benefits of mobile credit card processing

$5.00 monthly fee (The lowest monthly fee we know of -- No "catch", no hidden or extra fees)

3.97% discount rate

$39.00 one-time application fee (only charged if approved)

No need for billing - Accept payment immediately

 Funds deposited quickly into your checking account 

Customer enjoys the convenience of paying with their preferred card

Your business presents a professional appearance

Since no equipment is needed, you save money

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Compare Accept by Phone to Traditional
Credit card processing

To apply now, just follow these easy application instructions . . .

Application Instructions:

1. Click Here to sign up now.

Your Credit Card will be Pre Authorized over our SSL-security server for $39.00 - You will only be charged once your application is verified and your Accept by Phone account is ready to go.

Immediately after your card has been pre-authorized for $39.00, you will be directed to the application download instructions page.

You simply will not be charged if your application is not approved for some reason.

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2. Fill it Out Completely, Print it, Sign it and then Fax it to 1-614-364-4839


3. Once Your Account has Been Set Up in About 24-48 Hours*, You'll Be Ready to Start Accepting Credit Cards

Also, you'll receive your sales slips and startup package in the mail a few days later - but you can start using your account before you get the startup package.

* Within business days, based on approval

So set up your account today >>

Note: You can also call us directly at 1-877-529-1390


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When you apply, your card is only pre-authorized for $39.00 - you are only charged $39.00 after your account has been set up.

If you decide that Accept by Phone is simply not for you - or if you no longer require its service, you can simply cancel your account at any time by contacting us - no questions asked.

There are zero cancellation fees - We believe if you like our service, you will stay with us. It's that simple. It's that simple.

Mobile credit card processing has never been so affordable! 



Accept by Phone gives small businesses and professionals the ability to accept credit cards simply using a cell phone, or any phone, with a monthly fee of only $5.00

What merchants are saying after using our system:

"It was a smooth transition from [my other service].  Your service saves me $ and is easier to use. I enter the transaction one time and I am done. I don't have to re-enter it when I get home and then batch, with your service it is automatic. I also don't have to pay a monthly lease fee for a machine I don't use.  I wish I had found your service years ago." � Walter Wiese

"So far, I love it.  I used it for two days of a craft show and it worked perfectly.  Easy to type in and the money just zipped into my checking account like clockwork.  My customers were happy to be able to use a credit card, actually, they just expected it."  � Suzanne Trantow -

"Thank you so very much for your follow-up.  So far, so good with using Accept by Phone. I LOVE it!  I was using [a virtual terminal program], which was a huge pain!  I have already sent a few fellow crafters your way now to sign-up and hope they're as happy with your program as I am!"          � Jaime Manlet



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